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A Legend called Dubai!

"Our journey of development has been and will remain a race for excellence; a race to consolidate Dubai's position as an evolving, leading and unrivalled contender for the title of the Middle East’s financial and commercial capital."

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ( Ruler of Dubai )


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Shame Sex and the City 2 wasn't allowed to shoot there!
~much luv

well.. actually they wanted to shoot in Abu Dhabi (our capital) not Dubai..

And because we are a Muslim country, we don't think that the title of the movie is decent enough. But UAE is always welcoming people! :)

Couple of days ago, a Bollywood movie was shot at a Dubai Metro station...

Thanks for passing by! :D
Decided to liven up my journal a bit (finally) XD

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why are you laughing? :P

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