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Lesson [005] + Introduction *finally*

The Lesson I Have Learned Today is that it's always better to introduce yourself no matter what! Sometimes, you might think that the other person does know you already & then you keep on talking and discussing things with him. And suddenly, he asks a question that makes you go "eh! he didn't know that it was me! :/

Now off to the introduction! Yes, I'm writing a proper introduction finally! After being here for more than 3 years! xD hmm to make the introduction simple, I'm gonna divide it into two parts:

Me in 2000-2005
I was an ordinary school student. I spent my time in watching some dubbed Mexican series, local variety shows, UK music charts, US music charts...Or listening to the radio! Yes, I was so addicted to it & I am glad because that somehow improved my English as Arabic is my mother tongue!

Me in 2005-2010
Thanks to the girls at my university I discovered an entire new world known as Japan. I remember checking some episodes of Gokusen & I was like "Japanese schools & students are cool!". But my real passion started after watching Hana Yori Dango, that really left a big impression in my mind at that time. In the recent three-five years, I could safely say that my mind is occupied with Japan awesomeness & Korea craziness!

Lastly, I think that my default icon does summarize me. In my school days, I used to be a fan of American/British Pop. Now it's all about Japanese/Korean Pop. Btw, many people asked me about it so again it's from SMAPxSMAP 22 Oct 2007 Hostman Blues: with Victoria Beckham. And to be more precise, I took this cap from (2008.08.04) SMAPxSMAP - Love Awards 2008.

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(Deleted comment)
yup.. he is wearing ones! :D xD

"a very long comma" is a very interesting expression! :P

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