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Lesson [001]

So, I decided that in order to liven up my journal, I will push my mind to write a bit... :)

The Lesson I Have Learned Today is that I really can't control my sleepy eyes! They loudly announce to everybody that I'm not with them anymore. And then I started imagining a system which allows you to adjust your eyes! You will need to fill two entries only! (1) Open your eyes at 00:00 (2) Close your eyes at 00:00. Well, then 'so bad' there will be some problems like our bodies won't grow properly..etc. Therefore, I ended up with a predictable consequence that says:  Adjust your eyes by yourself through time management! And that's what I'm really working on hard now~ Good Night lj

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MUAHHAHAHAHA ...but this not work too right?

yeah because a vampire's life is not easy! LOL xD

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