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Random Photoshopped Pics [ Ohno & Aiba ]
I play around with PhotoShop from time to time, & usually end up with lots of random designs...

Suddenly, decided to share my photoshoped pics of the Arabian Ohno & the Brazilian Aiba! xD


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aiba sorta looks like an awkward haruna ai in that pic XDDDDD

haha the Brazilian version of haruna ai, maybe! xD


The facial hair on Ohno is perfect and I love Aiba's sexy expression XD

More please!!!

I'm glad to hear that!! thanks <3

hai, will try to post more craziness soon xD

This is AWESOME!!!!!

they look natural here and you can't make out that it's photoshopped at all!

omgosh! Brazilian aiba actually looks like someone i know!! O__O

haha, that someone is male or female? xD

Arabian Ohno omg omg omg TـT Kwaiiii

Please I work for the rest of the members
sho,aiba,nino,jon I want to watch Arabian Please
You are amazing:)

هههههه حسيت إنه هاللوك يركب على أونو أكثر شي

thanks <3
ok, I will try my best :)

NO!! D:

hahahah I'm so sorry for that, Aiba-kun xD

hahahahahahaha ohno looks from UAE ;D
Thank you so much for sharing <3

LOL, but that kandorah/thoub is actually a Bahraini style :)
you're very welcome <3

omg the 2nd one is totally haruna ai
until now i didn't think the both of them would resemble

and ohno looks bohemian style. i gotta say he actually suit this look lol

lol so that means it was good? xD

oh really?! thanks! :D xD

Augh I want Arabian Ohno xD

>>I'm Arabian.

lol sure dozo! xD

>>nice to meet you! <3

(Deleted comment)
...amazing xD
This post should be put next to the "crack£ definition...
Arabic!Ohno is so spot on, especially when he gets dark xD
I'll steal those...I need them on my iPod xD

Thank you! :D
I really wanna work on more Arabic-Ohnos but I'm too lazy! xD
Sure! dozo dozo :D

ال أونو خياله
عليهم رزة الراية
و يازين ساتوشي بينهم
يسوى قلايد خيلهم
و ال أونو كلهم
لا فرق الله شملهم
ويا ام العريس تهنيتي
و على ساتوشي لاونيتي
عاشو عاشو... سرى سرى

لولولولولولو لش

Ohno's Picture really made my day I was like rofl :D. you did an excellent job.

ثانكس عيشتيني في جو وأنا أقرا ردج لوول

Thanks a lot for your wonderful reply! Glad that you liked it! :D

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